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A guide to LED cables

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Energy-efficient, high performance and easy to customise, LED lighting continues to be the best choice for many applications in homes as well as commercial settings. LEDs use less power, have no warm-up time and have a low operational voltage, making them far more efficient than standard lights. There are so many potential applications for LED lights, from stunning wedding lighting displays to bold advertising billboards to efficient warehouse lighting solutions.

LEDs are semiconductor light sources that emit light when a current flows through them. The colour of an LED is determined by the alloy used in the semiconducting element. If you are using multiple LED lights, you will need to connect them with the correct LED cables.

In this guide to LED cables, we look at the different types of LED cable available to help you understand which you might need for your next lighting project.

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What are LED cables and how do they work?

LED cables used with LED modules and lighting systems to power or connect LED strip lights or modules. LED cables have a variety of functions and are used alongside other lighting components to create a range of lighting displays and wall lights in various colours. If you are creating a lighting display with LEDs, you will need LED cables to connect and power your lighting.

You'll need to consider what type of LED cable you will need to use for each project and which is the best option for you. Think about how much LED cable you will need, what the power supply is and whether you will need to connect multiple LED strips together.

You will need to make sure the LED product you are using matches the voltage of the power supply. It’s also important to check that the power supply capacity is enough for how long the strip of LED you are using as some types of cable are unsuitable for high loading.

Single and twin cables

If you're using LED cables to power or connect LED lights, there are a number of options available including single and twin cables. You can also use solderless connectors with LED cables if you don't have access to a soldering iron.

Single LED cables

0.5mm / 3a / LED Cable

Single LED cables are single core cables that are used to connect LED strip lights or modules. These are commonly used for lighting and sign making, especially in the events and wedding sector. You can purchase single core LED cable for LED installations by the metre or in 100m reels.

WeLoveLEDs’ collection of high-quality single LED cables feature a range of efficient and easy to use LED single-core cables. You can also choose to use a low smoke and fume single LED cable which is designed for areas where smoke or toxic fumes could be a risk so produce no corrosive gases.

Twin LED cables

Twin LED cables

Twin LED cables are designed especially for use with LED components and feature two wires in a figure of eight insulation. You can purchase a Twin LED cable in a variety of options including two-core flat cables and clear twin LED cables and cable connectors. A double insulated twin-core clear LED cable is ideal for LED installations when you are connecting sets of letters together as the wires are less visible.

RGB, RGBW and pixel cables

You can also use RGB, RGBW and pixel cables to connect other LED lights together or to a power supply. These can be a great choice for wiring flexible LED strips and larger lighting installations.

RGB cables

RGB Cables

If you are using LED lights, you may also want to use RGB, RGBW or pixel cables in your display.

If you are using RGB LED strips you will need to use RGB cables and remove the coating at the end of the strip you are connecting. Then you will need to use a soldering iron and solder the stripped wires to the corresponding connector pads.

RGBW cables

RGBW cables use the same red, green and blue as RGB with an extra white sub-pixel for a four coloured pixel. Fans of RGBW cables say they produce a more refined white tone which can make other colours more vivid.

If you need bright white colour or you want to create a pastel lighting effect or a cool shade, RGBW cables are what you’re looking for.

Also known as four conductors LED wire, this cable has four parallel bonded wires which work perfectly with four-pin LED strip to wire connectors. Each wire is also colour coded to avoid any confusion. Made from durable stranded cable, RGBW cables are ideal for forming reliable, strong joints for larger installations.

Pixel cables

Pixel cables

Pixel strip power cables are designed to be used with pixel strip lights. If there is an area where the pixel LED string is over 30 lights, you'll need to use an extension cable, or pixel power injection cable for an extra injection of power from the same PSU.

You can also use a pixel strip power cable which has a simple push-fit connection to send data along the line and fix perfectly to pixel fairground lights. You will need to use pixel cables that withstand voltage from the power supply you are using.

For more information about LED cables and supplying your lighting display with top-quality, innovative LED lighting products, please contact our team today.