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A guide to buying fairground lighting

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In this guide:

What is fairground lighting?

Fairground lighting refers to a range of lighting solutions commonly used for leisure and signage applications. You may be familiar with the colourful bulbs displayed at fun fairs, in marquee lighting or signage used to spell out words or create amazing patterns to draw people in – that’s fairground lighting.

One of the most popular types of fairground lights are Cabochon bulbs. Cabochon bulbs are a great choice for any project. They are bold, weather-resistant, can be used to complement a huge range of indoor and outdoor events, and are very easy to connect together to build amazing and creative bespoke designs.

What can fairground lighting be used for?

Fairground lighting is incredibly versatile so can be used for a huge range of projects and uses. They are well-suited to the following types of project:

Interior or exterior lettering

One of the main uses for fairground lighting is creating bold lettering lit up by Cabochon or Golfball bulbs. For commercial purposes, they could be used to create the name of a restaurant or bar, or something to make your customers feel welcome. You could also create fun lettering as a great piece of home or office décor to light up any space.


Another great use for fairground lighting is creating incredible, brightly lit signage that particularly stands out at night. This may be a flashing arrow showing the way to fun fair thrills or food stalls, for example. This kind of signage can be used by anyone and is not limited to just a funfair setting. Fairground lighting is a great way to display a company logo or invite customers into your shop.


Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, fairground lighting can offer bespoke lighting to make a great impression on guests and visitors. From an archway lined with flashing Cabochon bulbs to bold bulbs used as part of a stage set for a concert, there’s no limitation to the designs you can create with fairground lighting.

Why are fairground lights a popular choice?

Fairground lighting can be used for hundreds, even thousands, of different applications. Each individual bulb can be positioned and programmed separately, allowing for incredible freedom in design.

Creating lettering, signs and other kinds of event lighting is just a case of building the supporting structure (such as the metal casing of the lettering, or the sign structure itself), wiring up the bulbs and programming the sequence. Naturally, you should ensure that any installation takes safety precautions into account.

The bulbs and other wiring accessories are also very cost-effective. LED fairground lighting uses far less energy than other types of bulbs and they last longer too – up to ten years, depending on a number of factors.

Signs and lettering created using these fairground lights can be seen from a long way off, are very striking and can create an atmosphere for your business or event that’s both cosy and exciting.  

What kinds of fairground light bulbs are available?

Cabochon bulbs

Cabochon bulbs are the most versatile fairground lights available. Cabochon bulbs are available in a range of wattages, shapes and sizes.

Cabochon bulbs are available in a range of varieties including:

Golfball bulbs

Golfball bulbs are rounded, low-wattage bulbs that are commonly used by small business owners for interior and exterior signage. They are safe, easy to use, and economical.

What colour bulbs are available?

Fairground lighting is available in a range of amazing colours. Cabochon bulbs, for example, are available in 15 different colours as standard.

With the correct wiring and accessories, fairground lighting can be set up in any kind of bespoke design. Each bulb can be programmed individually to create a dazzling rangeof lighting routines.

Key benefits of LED fairground lights

Energy efficient – LED fairground lights run on low wattage LEDs, which use less power and last much longer than other types of bulbs.

Higher quality light – the bold, striking effects you can achieve with fairground lighting are hard to beat.

Durable & reliable – these bulbs are designed to be weather resistant and can last for up to 10 years.

Operate at lower temperatures – these low-wattage bulbs burn cooler, which improves their safety.

Controllable – you can create any kind of bespoke design.

Number of bulbs, costs, assembly

The number of lights you will need for your project will depend on a number of factors, such as how large the supporting structure is or how bright you want the finished project to be. If you have any specific questions relating to your project, please get in touch and one of our team will be able to advise you.

Whatever scale of project you have in mind, we have Cabochon and other types of fairground lights and kits which include power supply, connectors and enough cable for your bulbs.

We also provide assembly instructions with our kits – assembling kits is simply but it’s important to exercise due care when dealing with any electrical equipment.