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Different Colours Options for LED Strip Lighting

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LED strip lights are a versatile and highly effective lighting solution, as suitable for the home as they are in large-scale retail settings such as warehouses and showrooms. Not only are LED strips incredibly safe to use and easy to install with a pre-mounted adhesive backing, but they also boast long lifespans of around 30,000 hours.

One of the key benefits of LED strip lighting is the diversity of colour options available, meaning the potential uses for this innovative technology far surpass traditional light sources such as halogen lamps and fluorescent tubing. This guide introduces the different LED light strip colour options available from WeLoveLEDs, including single colours and RGB/RGBW.

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Single-colour LED strip lighting

Among our wide variety of products are a number of single-colour LED strips in pure and warm white, red, yellow, blue and green. These hues can be used to achieve a range of moods and effects for different settings and events, such as weddings, parties, retail units and office spaces.

Our S-Type 60 and S-Type 72 LED strips in 12v are available in all of the six colours listed above. These are dimmable strips with an IP20 rating ideal for internal usage in molded or built-up channel letters and flat shapes. They have cut points every three LEDs, meaning you can cut them down to custom lengths for even more design flexibility.

The Classic 120 12v LED Strip is available in all of the same colours as the S-Type strips except yellow. It can be powered from one end up to five metres and is ideal for discreet lighting applications.

For advice on the effects of different lighting shades and some examples of how single-colour LED strips can be used, head over to our expert guide.

Pure and warm white LED strip lighting

Pure and warm white are two of the most popular colour choices for LED strip lighting. Pure white (sometimes called ‘cool white’) emits a bright and clean light, whereas warm white is softer and slightly yellow.

Pure white LED strips are the ideal choice of lighting for stimulating workers based in offices and providing a constant illumination to large business premises like showrooms which require a crisp colour temperature and clean white light to highlight products.

Warm white LED strips, on the other hand, are better suited to applications where a more ‘cosy’ lighting effect is necessary, such as around the home in the bedroom or dining room.

They are also a popular choice as a replacement for incandescent bulbs in hospitality businesses like hotels, cafes and spas.

We have a number of pure and warm white strips in the WeLoveLEDs range, including the Tuneable 60 in 12v and the Eco 60 in 12v. Our guide to pure and warm white LED strips covers the technical considerations and typical uses of these colours in more detail.

RGB and RGBW LED strip lighting

An RGB LED strip light contains red, green and blue LED chips and generates a full spectrum of colour by combining these colours at different brightness levels. RGBW strip lights follow this format, with an additional white chip. This extra white chip could be alongside a single RGB chip, or three individual different colour chips.

Because of the proximity of the LED chips in these strips, the visual effect is a combination of colours rather than monotone like the single-colour strips. RGB and RGBW LED strips from WeLoveLEDs come with a remote control device that adjusts these colours automatically so you don’t have to change each individual colour. So, unlike single-colour strips, with RGB/RGBW LED technology and an RGB controller you have access to a full spectrum of colour, meaning your design and creativity options are unlimited.

RGB and RGBW strips are perfect for decorative lighting applications such as brand logos and shapes for internal signage. We’ve outlined some of the benefits of RGB and RGBW LED strips and highlighted some of our best products in our expert guide.

At WeLoveLEDs, we have a variety of different LED strip types including eco and water-resistant. We're passionate about all LED lighting solutions, so if you have any queries or are still unsure about which LED strip colour option would be best for your project or application, contact our team today.